Four months ago, London was rocked by the most devastating terrorist attack in England's history.

Three months ago, Captain Sam O'Neil died and came back to life on live television, proclaiming that the gods walked the earth – but they did not walk here.

Six weeks ago, eleven million people died as Paris flooded. A new pantheon of Gods descended from the heavens and announced their presence to the world while stood amid the wreckage they claimed as their new domain.

Thirty four days ago every email account on the planet received an email that read:

"The internet is love, the internet is life. Continue to worship me as your god and I will continue to provide you the catz and pr0nz you require to function.

XOXO The Internet."

Ten days ago Nicholas StSteven took control of Parliament following the assassination of the Prime Minister.

Eight days ago he unearthed the golden blueprints of New Jerusalem.

Yesterday a supernova off the coast of Scottland EMP’d the north east coast of Britain.

There are 6 days until the next attack ; the British government has dedicated a taskforce to finding and investigating these divine threats.

Welcome to Valhalla Squad. The all-new comic book sequel to the hit TV series, Defenders of the Realm!

Main cast:

Inspector Asha Brandt

Professor Evan Knight

Corporal Michael Attaway

Captain Louisa Wednesday

Detective Inspector Sir Luke Fleming


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