Abraham Thaddeus Maxwell

One of the founder members of the Hellstorm club, apparently more than 100 years old.


From the notes of DI Fleming:
Apparently he’s a brain in a tank.
An old and bitter one at that – Borgstein thinks he could be a traitor, though that’s based on old and bitter like Phibes = potential traitor.
If he is, I’m thinking the ‘tank’ thing may become an issue. For someone else.
Photographic evidence shows a man that looks like a slightly more battered version of Thaddeus served alongside Phibes Snr during WWII as part of MI13/H-Club Operations.

Has now been relocated to an off-shore location in an attempt to contain him.

I’m leaving him on the oil rig for the time being. Don’t really want to have to deal with him while I’m nominally the one that HAS to deal with him.

Abraham Thaddeus Maxwell

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