Brigadier General Brady Phibes

Former second in command of the Hellstorm club thought dead in the Paris Incident.


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Upon revival appeared more relieved than anything – not enough to determine involvement yet.
Looking more and more like a traitor by the minute.
Has a daughter who seized control of H Club as soon as daddy dearest seemed weak. Don’t think he took it so well.
Went to Paris ‘for his health.’ Hah.

According to files and photos in a safety deposit box, has been working with H-Club for rather a long time, beginning to climb the ranks some time in the 1950s.

Responsible for a change in the recruitment culture at H-Club from Scions to ‘deific adjacent’ beings, ostensibly so that H-Club didn’t lose operatives due to them being ‘promoted’ up the godly food chain by their parents. Also serves to have had Phibes as their ‘final’ authority, which may or may not be coming back to bite the higher-ups who signed off on it.

Photographic evidence shows his father, Phibes Snr. served alongside ‘Sister’ December during WWII as part of MI13/H-Club operations and was at some point engaged to the lady in a mask who just flooded Paris.

Apparently discussed ‘March’ potentially betraying ‘Shadowhand’ with Borgstein before the Paris Incident, where he advised her to continue her infiltration and that he would vouch for her if things went wrong. I think things went wrong.

Brigadier General Brady Phibes

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