Giles Edward Giles

A bandaged super butler who was recuperating at the Hellstorm club after a debilitating injury.


From the Notes of DI Fleming:

5’10, 37 years old. Master Tea-Maker.

Hadn’t been e member of H-Club long, was mainly there to recover after surgery to remove ‘scanner scarabs’, which had burrowed into his body after an explosion burnt all his skin off. (Possibly these ‘scarabs’ are linked to the scarabs Legion talked about / had tamed?)

Was injured while completing an assignment for the Knights of the Round Table. (They don’t sound foreboding at all.)

Is to be released to return to duty as a member of the Hellstorm Club, pending completion of 24-hrs observation due to potential Mind Control.

Officially recruited into the Hellstorm Club to serve as our primary point of admin. And tea.

Giles Edward Giles

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