Lady Anika 'October' Borgstein

The potentially traitorous liason between The Hellstorm Club and Department Q


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Tall, pale skin, long dark hair.
Bounced people from scene more quickly and more discreetly than C.R. – potentially one of his superiors?
She’s a vampire. Because why not? It seems to be that kind of day…
347 years old, you’d never tell from looking at her.
The usual aversions to garlic / holy water / holy wafers etc (Probably need to find a better way of securing them than asking the priest and then having to explain why we didn’t want an actual priest).
Surprised at Phibes’ recovery.
Probably not a traitor, though the Dept. Q thing and her inability to follow a straight answer across a road aren’t helping.
She may be a traitor to someone though, and she’s trying to emulate someone. Would be nice to know who those people might be.

Traitor-ness seems confirmed.
Broke out of holding cell, then returned to attempt to turn CR. Failure meant he was killed instead.
Escaped the Base using standard vampire invisibility powers, alongside The Bandaged Man.
Phibes’ files suggest that the older members of Dept Q didn’t fully trust her either.
CR mentioned that she was loyal to Nazi Germany before she switched sides.

Left a message telling me to ‘follow the papertrail’ on CR’s phone after she’d killed him.

Discovered her Diary in H-Club. It suggests there may be more going on here than we’ve realised. Apparently before the Paris Incident she went to Phibes about having her suspicions that ‘March’ was betraying Britain to ‘Shadowhand’ confirmed.

Borgstein also seems to be being blackmailed by the GLA, the Goblin Liberation Army, lead by Reichsmarshall Emmerich. He’s calling in a favour they’d previously done her, and threaten to harm ‘the Graf’ if she betrays them. Borgstein also went to Phibes with this, as she didn’t want to go to ‘Everyday’ due to ‘his marriage’. Phibes advised her to attempt an infiltration, and that he would vouch for her if things went wrong.

Identified as a member of Dept Q from photos among Phibes’ blackmail material. Or at least, the picture showing a Borgstein-esque dress floating in midair while someone next to it has their throat ripped open has been labelled ‘Lady October’ by December.

After having done some research, she appears to be linked with the Orlock Family of Baden-Wurttemberg, though originally from Transylvania.


She’s finally dead. Mikey caught up with her and managed a 2km shot to the heart with a Holy Water arrow. As her dying words she revealed she was a Handmaiden of Frigga and had been acting to protect the All-Mother from Odin, before being dragged to Hellheim.

Through Giles, she has also left me a diary, containing all the intel she had managed to gather on the GLA, the Shadowhand and on Odin’s plan, which should help give us an edge. I just hope Hellheim isn’t too harsh on her.

Lady Anika 'October' Borgstein

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