A mysterious man recovered in a raid on a Golden Dawn facility, he claims to be trying to save the church from the influence of the Shadowhand.


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Seems to have died and then come back to life several times, which doesn’t seem to have helped his mental state.

Has some gold and onyx stress ball-like objects which used to ‘enslave’ him, but he now controls. They can be used to kill someone by becoming gas and then eating a body. There used to be 16 of them, Legion has 8.These may be linked to some ‘scanner scarabs’ Giles mentioned.

Has been handed over to Banda team so they can ask him about bringing souls back from the dead.

Disappeared when Banda team’s base was attacked. It looked like the attackers were there to capture him, but he killed four of them and vanished. Currently in the wind.


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