Borgstein's Diary

From the Notes of DI Fleming:

A diary covering 2012 to the present day, recording Borgstein’s various thoughts and appointments.

Just before the Paris Incident, Borgstein records that she now believes that ‘March’ is indeed a traitor to the British Government, working for an organisation called ‘Shadowhand’.

Also contained a folded note, which seemed to worry Borgstein as she had no idea how ‘they’ found her or what to do about it.

The note had a large black dot on it and was from ‘Reichsmarshall Emmerich’ of the ‘Goblin Liberation Army’, saying that the favour they had done Borgstein had now come due, and that if she crossed them ‘the Graf’ would suffer. – If ‘Lady’ Borgstein is from around Germany, as I am beginning to suspect, perhaps the Graf is a husband / relation?

Borgstein went to Phibes about the GLA blackmail, because she was unwilling to go to ‘Everyday’ about it ’due to his marriage. Instead, she discussed it with Phibes, who recommended that she turn it into an infiltration mission and that he would vouch for her it if went wrong.

Borgstein also records several meetings with the GLA in places which days later would catch fire in inexplicable way.

Borgstein's Diary

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