Case 1 - Suspicious GBH

Reports of strange attacks on civilians across various parts of London by crazy homeless people.
Lots of reports of ‘thousands of rats’. which is enough to ping on our radar.

Geographical analysis suggests that the attacks are rippling outwards from a central point in two ‘waves’. Possibly travelling via sewer system? Will head to one of the last attack sites to see what we can find.

Found something allright, bloke glowing gold and controlling several rats (who also glowed gold with worrying regularity).
Spent time chanting about Heaven being full and the End Times coming, which is reassuring. He’s in custody now.

Prof discovered a glowing golden rune of burning things it didn’t like (nearly took out my notebook, bloody thing). Haven’t been able to safely keep a record of it.


Rat-Man apparently got better. Mind-whammied (technical term) the two guards and the nurses in med-bay before escaping through the window.
Attempted to escape under / over barbed-wire fence but failed.
Mikey tracked him down to Magazine B on the base, with me following after him while Asha checked on the condition of the guards / nurses.

We found him in the middle of a completed version of that sigil which provided a degree of shielding against attack.Then it glowed a darn slight more, started unravelling into Rat-Man, at which point he exploded and summoned a spinning wheel-within-a-wheel-within-a-wheel-covered-in-eyes, otherwise known as an Ophanim.

Mikey decided that grenades were the better part of valour, so we grabbed a few, used a few and pegged it. The Magazine explosion was mostly contained, though it did attract a bit of attention and leave a fair amount of rubble.

That attention included a rather annoyed December, though Mikey and a recently-arrived Cap managed to explain the situation to her satisfaction. Apparently we did well enough that Cap’s tagged Mikey and me for Valhalla. Not bad. Asha’s pissed at me, though, for causing a massive explosion on our base.

The Prof’s done his ‘special’ check on the rubble and explained that a lot of the rocks are actually just broken up bits of the wheels with the eyes still attached, all looking at him. I’m leaving that one for him to deal with.

Mikey makes a good point that if Rat-Man and his friends can summon angels it’d be a good idea to track down the rest of them. If memory serves, the centre point for the ‘ripples’ of attacks, which we think are following underground paths, was near the abandoned British Museum train station, which may be worth a look as a start point then. Asha’s coming with while Cap stays behind to keep an eye on the Prof.


Tracked down the origin of the homeless attacks – a hidden lab / mad doctor’s lair built under a Golden Dawn homeless centre. Looks like they’ve been experimenting on people, building up a library of blood / genes / ways to modify people into super-powered beings. Not sure they’ve quite got it right, given the mental states of some of the subjects. For example an 8-foot tall bone-armoured man who claims he’s Heimdall. He’s an 8-foot tall bone-armoured man. I’m not arguing with him on that one while in the same room. Still, he did seem to enjoy meeting his ‘son’ Mikey…

Not sure how much we’re going to enjoy our meeting with the giant multi-powered dog ‘Heimdall’ had behind the barricade, but oh well.


Heimdall decided to grapple Muto the Superdog and kept the thing contained while Valhalla Squad focused on bringing it down. Tried a few shots, but it’s warp-skin meant the bullets mostly zipped straight through, so Mikey decided to try and wrangle it… somehow.

His attempts did reveal the beast’s weakness to Holy items, so with some excellent unspoken communication between me and Cap we devised a scheme to lob a canteen of Holy Water inside Muto through some seriously impressive timing on Cap’s part and the drawing on muscle memory of mine.

It worked like a treat. Muto screamed. Muto exploded.

The noxious fumes started trying to dig into our skins, which was rather painful. Plus the discovery later that the dust lead to parasites eating away organic matter means we’ve got a quarantine situation in central London, codename ‘The Dog Mess’.

Unfortunately, the Omega level quarantine team is on call back at base where other things have gone horribly wrong. Fortunately, Cap’s borrowed a helicopter to get us back. We’ve got Heimdall in the back, badly injured and in need of urgent medical attention, and a heavily tranqed Asha, who developed a case of the angry brain parasites.


Well, December’s pleased with our work / rather unhappy about what our work’s uncovering. Apparently Golden Dawn’s being looked at for tax evasion, and their close-ties to everyone’s favourite Jesus-a-like might provide a nice Public Opinion shitstorm if it leaks that they’re involved in genetic meddling of the ten-legged-monster-dog kind.

Unfortunately, it seems every Golden Dawn member in England has buggered off to Disneyworld to listen to their Prophet speak.

Not sure how much more we can do here, beyond stamp on any other Golden Dawn homeless shelters and see what appears.


Did some digging and located a few potential Golden Dawn related targets in London: three other homeless shelters, a seminar centre, one business centre owned by Golden Dawn via a few shell companies and three hospital wings they’d helped construct, again via shell companies (one palliative care, one critical care, one paediatric).

We decided to hit the palliative care wing first based on a hunch / hope that if we did find something particularly dangerous it might be more easily contained.

One very obvious feature was the unnatural number of bees swarming around the hospital garden.

On closer inspection of the hospital basement (and with some expert help from the Prof) we found a hidden door in the back of the dumb waiter shaft, leading to two lower levels. Only a handful of rooms on each floor, primarily an area where sacrifices could be made, a huge garden full of all sorts of exotic plants and more bee hives than I’ve ever seen before and one final circular room with an altar that seemed rather happy to drink people’s blood and cast some form of illusion of being in the middle of the desert. Think I’ll leave further investigations on that front to the Prof. Didn’t find anything especially helpful, though we’ll send a SOCO team in to see what they can get form the dried blood.


Our next target was a Golden Dawn business centre. One guard on duty, no-one else around and it was pretty easy to convince him to let us have a poke around.

Didn’t manage to find anything useful, though on attempting to leave we found our way blocked by what the Cap instantly termed ‘Bee-o-wolves’, rather savage wolf-adjacent creatures with yellow and black striped fur and nasty stingers for tails. Fortunately, they didn’t seem too aggressive, just stopping us from leaving.

Unfortunately, the Prof seemed to miss that and charged into them, getting swiftly jumped by three of the four wolves. I tried to help up close, while Cap and Mikey stayed back and used their ranged skills, but the Prof took a nasty bite. Thanks to Mikey’s sudden attack of the Legolas we managed to down the wolves, who reverted to clay and a potted cactus, but the Prof and the guard were in a bad way and the nearest hospital was a Golden Dawn facility.

Given it was the only way to try and keep them alive, I borrowed Mikey’s jeep and got people to the hospital, before letting Asha drive the jeep back, after she’d confirmed there were two basement levels and only one was on the plans. As I was in place, I did a bit of digging around and discovered an abandoned lab hidden on the extra level. It looked like a bit of a fight had broken out, as well as whatever creatures they were experimenting on. From the look of it this was an earlier lab than the one we found under the Homeless shelter, and possibly the escape had forced them to get bigger cages. Still, nothing immediately useful, something to leave to SOCO again.

On returning to base I learnt that Attaway had had a very suicidal prisoner die in his care, though given how determined to die the guy was I’m not sure Mikey can be blamed at that point – even the best Duty Sergeant can’t stop the stupidly determined.

We decided our next target was the Church / Seminar centre, in order to keep the pressure up.


Unfortunately, the receptionist was rather good at her job and actually knew what the hell she was doing when it came to legal documents and managed to restrict our investigations to only the public areas of the Church, everywhere else and the Seminar Centre was off limits. While we didn’t find anything of evidentiary use, Mikey did notice that all the Cult members had a symbol tattooed on their wrist. Should help us identify other Cultists down the line.

We debated calling a bomb threat to gain access to the Church but thought better of it. Instead we’re planning to check the van Cap and Mikey captured, the one which dropped off the Beeowolves. Hopefully it’s been lo-jacked and we can find out where the adorable little devils came from…


It was, so we tracked it back to an organic apiary owned by the Golden Dawn (if you went through about 6 shell companies). We originally planned a stakeout, with all the relevant equipment, but as soon as we got there and started planting stuff the Prof heard Crime Being Committed and charged off like a mad man. The rest of us moved to cover, though in the end it wasn’t required, the killing was pretty much over by the time we arrived.

Unsurprisingly, there was indeed a secret hidden area. It had a lot of dead bodies in it, whose souls had apparently wandered through a gate into the afterlife. There were two people left alive, one holding a pistol to the other’s head. Well, I say alive – apparently the hostage was 6 kinds of dead (literally) but still alive.

The Prof subdued the hostage-taker and we took both into custody. Apparently Not-Dead-Man is called Legion, and he’s done some form of die and then return trip several times. He mentioned something about the magic honey healing wounds as part of his explanation. So Mikey just HAD to try it. On a corpse. Boy did we get an earful from Mr November of the Department of Infernal Affairs for messing around with that stuff, though we did get some credit for finding a back-door that needed locking down.

Apparently the Golden Dawn nabbed the Holy Bees from somewhere to make their soul honey. By drinking it you can strengthen the spirit… or return it from the cusp of the afterlife, it seems. Somehow I can’t see this ending well for us.

Legion also filled us in that there was a split within the Golden Dawn, with some people attempting to use it to cause ‘true destruction’, rather than for protection. The ‘destruction’ side of things is linked to the Shadowhand. Funny that. They believe the existing Gods have failed so need to be replaced. And as there is limited space in the God Realms stuff needs to be destroyed before there is room for their replacements.

Legion then handily provided us with a list of seven Shadowhand locations within the Golden Dawn, several of which we’d already hit. He also provided a list of 50 Shadowhand operatives he had identified within the Golden Dawn, mostly involved with siphoning off money.


We went to investigate one of the homeless shelters we hadn’t raided, but as we arrived it exploded in a probably GLA-related incident. Not sure why yet.

We managed to control the crowd and keep people from harm’s way, but with the place on fire we weren’t sure we’d be able to gather evidence. Then Asha charged in because she detected something still alive in there.

Turned out it was a fire-monkey, another of the Shadowhand’s genetic experiments. Mikey killed it, and we managed to get it out of the building without alerting the public. They also found the hidden lab, which meant I had to do my best CR impression and secure the crime scene from ‘mortal’ investigators. (D’ya think I can just call them Muggles?)

As that lead had turned out to be a bust, we went to the other homeless shelter and planned our investigation. By which I mean I dressed up like a hobo and wandered in to have a poke around. But not do anything potentially dangerous. I was under specific instructions not to do anything stupid.

So, after observing the staff for a bit I learnt there was a locked door they couldn’t get through. I figured I’d help them out and open it. But then I figured I should probably check it out, just in case.

In the end, I found a large laboratory area full of rather nasty looking machines which I theorised were designed to inject the subject with whatever horrific mix of blood and chemicals they were using to force these mutations.

I also found a door into the sewers, which I followed up til the point I arrived at a building site, where people were repairing the damage form a ‘gas main explosion’. Then I went and re-joined the rest of my unit in the pub.


Of course, Asha decided to return to the building in the middle of the night and discovered another fire-monkey, though this one was subdued and returned to base.

Unfortunately, this may’ve slightly annoyed December, who threatened severe repercussions if the beast escaped and injured any base personnel. In the end, Mikey put the beast down, given it was slowly dying anyway.


Having now heard back from some of the Alpha Teams we sent out to serve warrants on the Golden Dawn / Shadowhand locations we had slightly ‘scouted out’, I’ve sent off the paperwork requesting a warrant for the main Church area.


Alpha Team hit the main Church area, but apart from a few minor things they left pretty much empty handed. Not sure what our next step here is.


Oh, the Angel Eyes seem to’ve fused together than turned into a lovely bronze feather. Apparently, if you stare at the sun through it, you’ll see a reflection of the surrounding area. And burn your eyes out.

Case 1 - Suspicious GBH

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