Department Q

The government agency tasked with protecting the UK from the threats of foreign god realms.

Known Members:

Mr Everyday
Mr January
Mr February
Mistress March
Mst April
Dr May
Gen June
Ms July
Mrs August
Sir September
Lady October
Mr November
Sister December


The organisation is headed up by the mysterious Mr Everyday who is reported to directly by the 12 department heads codenamed after the months of the year, colloquially known as the “months”.

Each month has a number of squads under their control lead by squad leaders codenamed “Weeks” comprised of individual “Days”.

Days fall under one of seven classifications depending on their roll.

Mondays: Mission support staff

Tuesdays: Standard combat troops used strike operations

Wednesdays: R&D

Thursdays: Arial strike force troops used for bombing or extraction

Fridays: Deep cover agents used for infiltration

Saturdays: Operation leaders.

Sundays: Back office and clerical staff

Department Q

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