Film Canisters

6 reels of film. Analysis of one shows that it contains a mix of crime scene photos, surveillance photos and, effectively, blackmail photos, including:

-Surveillance photos of various people meeting others, including members of the Government

-Several pictures of horribly mangled corpses

-One picture of a mass grave

-Lots of pictures of members of the British Government ripping people’s throats out with their teeth

-One of the current PM (who stepped up when the last one went missing recently) ripping a sheep apart with his bare hands

-Several pictures of corpses in high-class hotels

-One picture of a shady man on TV – Identified as Mr Everyday

-One picture of a man with a face on both sides of his head – Identified as Mr January

-One picture of a gentleman in a dark room surrounded by computer monitors, wearing a mask, with a rather voluptuous ‘woman’ with wings and horns instead of clothes sat nearby – Identified asMr February

-One picture of a woman who serves a dominatrix-like role to the rich and powerful as a ‘lifestyle consultant’ and ‘therapist’ with a high-ranking British politician – Identified as Mistress March

-One picture of a young-ish boy, maybe 7 or 8, dressed in a jaguar pelt stabbing a man in the heart with an onyx knife – Identified as Master April

-One picture of an Indian woman working in an ICU – Identified as Dr May

-One picture of a file showing an Asian gentleman, probably from southern China, in a Red Army General’s uniform – Identified as General June

-One picture of a young Chinese woman mid leap smacking someone 12 feet away with extending cudgels – Identified as Ms July

-One picture of an average looking woman sat working at a desk, possibly a secretary? – Identified as Mrs August

-One picture of a large portly gentleman with impressive facial hair and a very loud Union Jack waistcoat with three darts in the pocket – Identified as Sir September

-One picture of a dress, of the kind Borgstein would wear, floating in mid air next to a man, who is also slightly floating, who appears to be suffering a rather serious neck wound – Identified as Lady October

-One picture of a coffin with the nameplate ‘November’ screwed on the front – Identified as Mr November (funny that)

-One picture of December wearing a heavy belt and a pair of heavy leather gloves punching a rock monster. The rock monster is breaking into several pieces. – Identified as Sister December (again, funny)

I leave it up to December’s discretion as to whether these films are developed. Seems like some of them have been. Which probably isn’t a good sign, all things considered.

Film Canisters

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