Goblin Liberation Army

A mysterious group who’s initials have been found at various crime scenes for arson and theft.

From the Notes of DI Fleming:
The Reichstag fire in 1933 has certain similarities to more recent fires attributed to the GLA.

It appears that the GLA may be being lead by a ‘Reichsmarshall Emmerich’.

Borgstein seems to be being blackmailed into assisting the GLA, with them claiming repayment of a debt owed and threatening to harm ‘the Graf’ if she betrays them (possibly a relative / husband?).

From discussion with Phibes, (as Borgstein didn’t want to go to ‘Everyday’ due to his marriage) Borgstein is attempting to infiltrate the GLA, though Phibes is the only one who would be able to vouch for her.

They appear to follow Emmerich’s general philosophy of support discord where the chaos can negatively affect a God Realm

Borgstein’s notes identify eight Generals:
Emmerich, R
‘Black Aggie’
Mr Ghillian
Sawney Bean
Tiger-Eyes (Possible Shadowhand affiliation)
Bogey Man (Shadowhand)
Graf Orlock (Probably the ‘Graf’ Borgstein mentioned)
George Blinz

Goblin Liberation Army

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