Inventory of Phibes' Safety Deposit Box

One Luger which transforms into a Raven (same production run as Cap’s). December claims the pair used to belong to SS officer twins who had to both be killed at the same time or else they got better. Pistols last seen in a U-Boat sinking to the bottom of the North Sea. Asha carries the pistol now, but hasn’t yet learnt how to get along with the Raven within.

One Sicilian Stilleto with an inscription which roughly translates as ‘the unjust man makes his own way to justice’. Exact translation is ‘sometimes in unjust times a just man is forced to cut his own path to justice’ and is one of the tenets of Omerta. Still not tried stabbing anyone with it yet.

Two Wedding Rings; one with French, one with German. French: ‘Revenge is not the Only Passion’. German: ‘I will never be your Mistletoe’. Prof seems to’ve claimed the French one, for some reason. Belonged to Phibes Snr and the lady in the mask who just flooded Paris. Apparently the one the Prof’s now earing helps him determine when a crime has taken place.

Assorted Dog-Tags. Asha’s research shows that they belong to MIA/KIA H-Club members, specialists from the Army, the Police, from every service.

One Necklace with That One Hindu Symbol That Looks LIke a Swastika. Suggestion is it brings good luck. Used to belong to a four-armed lady who served alongside December in WWII as part of MI13 / Dept Q. Mikey’s wearing it now and said it helps him ‘get in touch with the workings of the universe’, or something like that.

Canisters of Film. Analysis of one suggests they’re full of a whole lot of blackmail material, as well as surveillance and crime scene photos.

A Whole Bunch of Files. full of WWII MI13/H-Club reports and H-Club reports filed by Phibes from the 1950s onwards.

Inventory of Phibes' Safety Deposit Box

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