Investigate the Hellstorm Club

Priority Level: Fuck-High on this one.

Got shown a vid which someone had captured, showing that Brigadier-General Brady Phibes, previous Head of the Hellstorm Club, badass and Martyr of the Paris Incident actually SURVIVED his televised death and appears to be shacking up with the rogue pantheon that’s claimed Paris.

December knows that shit’s going to hit the fan at 06:00, so we have until 05:00 to find some ammunition / check the loyalty of the remaining H-Club members. That leaves us a few hours to track them all down and have a potentially insulting word with them.

Plan: I can get in touch with Winch easily enough, I’ll invite her clubbing with Asha and me as part of our UC sting on the Smuggling Ring. Mikey’s going to follow the money and track down something Phibes may’ve left behind (those keen PI senses are tingling there, methinks.) The rest will plan for the sting as normal.


Winch is badly injured, needs urgent medical attention, Asha’s just about kept her together.
We found Carter, brought him in.
Cap managed to bring in the rest of the H-Club on her own. She works damn fast.
Time to begin the interviews, I feel. First up the recording of Ageast Cap made.

Notes from an ‘Interview’ with Aaron Ageast

Notes from an Interview with C.R.

C.R. also mentioned the various ‘extra-mortal’ elements to the H-Club; a tank, a vampire, the ‘Talos Twi- wait, Talos, Ancient Greek Man of Bronze. Twins, meaning there’re two. We’ve got everyone else covered so Ageast must be the other Talos. He must know how to help fix Winch!

He did. It took a bit to blast through the pretence, but mentioning that Winch was badly injured seemed to do it. That’s one less thing to be worrying about constantly, at least. Back to the Interviews.

Notes from an Interview with a Vampire

Well, it’s getting late… early… something. Mikey’s grabbing a power nap before his ‘raid’ on the Bank of England, Cap and Prof are god knows where and Asha’s helping fix up Winch. Guess I’ll start writing up everything we’ve got so far for December’s 05:00 deadline. First: Locate Coffee.


December seems pleased enough with what we’ve found, so it’s time to go hit the Bank. Mikey’s got a locksmith and a Bank Manager on standby to grad a safety deposit box Phibes left behind. Hopefully it’ll have some useful information.


Well, the Box did indeed have some useful information, and some interesting Relics… after Asha managed to defuse the multiple traps and high-explosives rigged to nuke the contents. I’ll attach a list of items recovered once the Prof’s done his research stuff. I, on the other hand, have court in a few hours, so I’ll grab a mental copy of the files and review them as I go.

Inventory of Phibes’ Safety Deposit Box

The Phibes Files


The fact that Borgstein has just killed CR and escaped the base alongside the Bandaged Man suggests she just might be the traitor.

Borgstein’s diary gives the impression there may be a lot more to this than meets the eye. Before the Paris Incident, she went to Phibes about someone named ‘March’, explaining that her suspicions about her betraying the British Government to ‘Shadowhand’ were being confirmed. Neither of these ring a bell, but they’re both things we should probably try and research.

With regards to her ‘betrayal’, which I believe links to her being blackmailed by the GLA, Borgstein discussed the matter with Phibes and he suggested she work on infiltrating the GLA, and he would vouch for her if it went wrong. She also left a message on a dead man’s phone telling me to ‘follow the paperwork’.


Eventually Carter woke up and was interviewed by the Captain and the Professor. He seemed confused about the time period, having predicted he’d re-appear in 1957. He spouted a lot of 4th dimensional bollocks and some stuff about enslaving a race of giant ants. He also appeared to retain some of the social attitudes of his original time period, as well as a few which had been ‘happily’ disproved by the Nazis during the intervening years. (I’m not sure Asha’s got over the ‘negress’ comment yet)

Fortunately, he’s lost the designs to his ‘World Cracker’ weapon. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot he was able to tell us about Phibes. He did mention that our missing ziggurat had appeared in the middle of his city, though, carrying a man and his personal guard, who managed to overthrow Carter’s rule.

He also mentioned Odin’s St. Nicholas plan, and the ability to steal someone else’s Legend.


Finally got around to interviewing the Bandaged Man, or Giles Edward Giles. While he makes excellent tea, and was able to pass on a diary from Borgstein containing important intel, he hadn’t been an official member of H-Club long enough to give us anything on Phibes, and had in fact only met him two or three times.

However, with this final interview conducted, it appears that none of the H-Club members were aware of Phibes’ betrayal, so this part of our investigation can be put to bed, at least for the moment.


Okay, so I may have forgotten one member we still needed to check on: Viscountess Moira Winsgate, the Head of the whole shebang and daughter of Brigadier Phibes. ‘Fortunately’ December had collared her and ordered her to submit to me interviewing her without attempting to beat me up.

Her first step was to tender her resignation, assuming that because I was the one in charge of the interviews / letting the others out I’d be in a position to accept it. I declined, explaining that we’d probably need her skills in the coming days.

From what I was able to gather while dodging the daggers the Viscountess was glaring at me (apart from the bit where I spotted her trying to mask her body language) she didn’t know Phibes was about to turn traitor – she’d been too focused on protecting the Queen from Kingpin’s assassination attempt to pay attention to his warnings.

She had had some contact with him, though, sort of, as his lawyers Gilmore & SOMEONE had contacted her to discuss Phibes’ estate. The Viscountess is fine with us having a look though, to make sure there’s nothing that might aid our investigations amongst the correspondence / estate.

With the interview concluded, I filled in the paperwork for her release and reinstatement as the Head of H-Club and sent it off to December. She returned it fairly quickly okay-ing the Viscountess’ release. She refused the second part.

I’m still Acting Head of the Hellstorm Club.

I need something to drink.

And all the paperwork the Viscountess missed.

And coffee. All the coffee.

And something to drown out Asha’s laughter about telling Winch we’re not allowed to flirt anymore.

I REALLY need something to drink.

Investigate the Hellstorm Club

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