Meeting Loki

So, the team plus December (real name Thrud Thorsdottir) and Osric Wednesday (Cap’s Uncle, I believe) were summoned to a meeting in Tuonela to meet with Loki.

In a lovely cabin in one part of the Bog of Eternal Stench that didn’t stink we sat down for tea with Loki, my half-brother Ken Loge, my half-sister Hela, Hod, Heimdall, Baldur and a woman introduced as Elspeth, Forsetti’s daughter. Loki also acknowledged me as his son, which was probably just the confirmation some people were looking for but that I had never really given.

And then he started talking,
“I am delighted to sit with the only sane members of the Aesir. Now, it’s time to discuss the End of the World.”


Loki went on to explain quite why Ragnarok was going to happen (Short version: Odin is a Cunt), and then spun a story which MIGHT give us a way out about a possible second prophecy regarding Ragnarok wherein we don’t all die.

Given that pretty much none of those gathered come out of the ‘standard’ version of Ragnarok well, there seemed to be a measure of support for any attempt at stopping the end of the world.

(Also: Loki seemed to enjoy the idea of Odin escaping as ‘Father Christmas’)

He also gave me an Yggdrasil Inc. briefcase with several new magical items and things in to help me on my way. Thanks, Dad.

Meeting Loki

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