Operation God-Botherer

So in the two days we were away saving the world from nuclear apocalypse, vampires have attacked everyone and the Royal Family, Raguel Squad ‘saved’ them and claimed the kill so their CO is now the new PM and Templar is in charge of the JCTTF Initiative.

December’s worried that they might start squeezing the funding of any teams which might support the Queen over the PM. The fact that she’s thinking there might be a coup brewing is rather worrying. Hopefully they won’t be able to neuter Valhalla Squad, but if they do I hear the completely independent Hellstorm Club might be recruiting.

Even more worryingly, StSteven announced to the country, flanked by Iman Khan and Rabbi Leibowitz, that all the Abrahamic Faiths should come together and unite for the betterment of the whole country and that he had had a vision from St Cuthbert urging him to go and dig up and island to find the plan for a great and glorious golden city. In this vision St Cuthbert was supported by St Valentine, St Martin of the Fields, St Steven and St Nicholas.

(Huh. That sounds like a couple of Saints that could’ve been ‘borrowed’ by a different God or two. Like Odin, or Freyr or Freyja or Tyr. Let’s hope we don’t have to deal with other Gods attempting to kickstart Ragnarok.)

Once this new city is founded, it’ll be time to ‘fight off the Pagan Gods’. Well, shit.

Then do you know what? They only went and dug up a great Golden Plaque with the designs for the great city of New Jerusalem inscribed upon it.

Asha cut right to the heart of the matter by explaining that it was definitely bullshit and they definitely put it there first, though she wasn’t 100% sure on the method. Possibly they’d buried it from underground?

At which point Cap and I looked at each other and shouted ‘Leprechauns!’, because who else do we know off that has dug up from underground into several secure buildings and then left, WITH ALL OF IRELAND’S GOLD, without leaving a trace. Oh right! The leprechauns that are definitely working under Odin’s instructions, probably given via the Tarnhelm that he definitely has now because the whole Ring Saga Flood Thing has happened.

This is going to be an interesting problem to deal with, I feel. Step one: Cap wants a sit down meeting with Templar, with me tagging along to act as the mobile lie detector I used to be. Fun times ahead.

Operation God-Botherer

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