Phibes' Resignation

From the Notes of Di Fleming:

A resignation speech left on an SD card by Phibes among the film canisters hidden in his safety deposit box.

“If you are watching this footage then either I am dead, or the plan has worked and I am considered an Enemy of the State. Or you broke in and stole my safety deposit box, in which case well done, I would suggest offloading the items as quickly as possible.

I swore loyalty to the country, not to the God Realm for which it stands proxy. The established God Realms have been ignoring the growth of old powers which are rising again. I tried to warn the Government using reason and logic, but thus far I have had success. I shall keep trying, but I believe I will die before I convince them. Which means I will have to use drastic measures.

If you’re watching this, I probably have. You’re listening now, aren’t you?

If you are investigating for Everyday, ask Osric about what’s happening, he should know. Then again, he’s almost a rogue pantheon himself at this point.

If you are working for the Knights of the Round Table, watch the other members closely when I provide the stimulus.

To my daughter, Moira, I tried to tell you – you were too busy being right with all the passion of youth. Hate me if you want, distance yourself from me if you want, all of those whose opinions I cared for died twenty-odd years ago.

Consider this my resignation, though I leave you with what I consider the five greatest threats to this country in the next five years:

1) The Start of Ragnarok – It is coming, and it is obviously an inside job, or else people wouldn’t know quite as much about it as they do.

2) I would invest in horse shoes, magnetic knives and start leaving bread out under the full moon, as well as staying away form hollow hills.

3) Be wary of travel by sea – those who dwell under the surface have become less tolerant after the last set of oil spills and ecological disasters. I would expect them to strike Japan, though someone is already trying to stop it. I wouldn’t trust the motives of the God of Lies, though.

4) Look closely at those in the human realm who have recognised reality and become distasteful. Mortals are weak, but they greatly outnumber the Gods. Paris was chosen to demonstrate the power of numbers.

5) Investigate the Ziggurat that was in Peru but then went missing between the end of the last Mayan calendar and the beginning of the new one."

Phibes' Resignation

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