The Church of the Golden Dawn

A new age religious charity and provider of self help lectures and seminars.

From the Notes of DI Fleming:

They also seem to do a side-line in genetic experimentation / mutation, coming up with such wonders as Rat-Man, Plant-Man, Muto the Superdog and the Beeowolves to name the ones we’ve come across so far.

They also seem to have a bit of an Egyptian-theme going for them, like a shrine which can mind-whammy people into thinking they’re in a desert. Also a lot of slightly altered Eyes of Horus / Wadjet and they have a bit of an obsession with bees.

Cult members have a tattoo on their wrist, which should make identifying them a tad easier.

Lead by a ‘Prophet’, who may or may not be Captain Sam O’Neil.

The Church of the Golden Dawn

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