The London Incident

Codename: ‘Kingpin’ attempted to replace Prince Charles with the assassin ‘Das Chameleon’ as part of a plan to seize his ‘birthright’ control over the United Kingdom. He was supported in this endeavour by several Shadowhand associates:

The Former Prime Minister (DEAD)
Mistress Bianca (Mistress March of Dept Q)
Bogey Man
Porter & Stout
Jackal, Abraham (Legion)
Mr Tomorrow
Mr Yesterday
Mademoiselle Chagrin

The Shadowhand would be rewarded with control over part of the United Kingdom’s God Realm

The report details several valuable recovered by a secret task force working for the KoR. Lots of money had disappeared – rented accommodation, hotel rooms, clean up, repair work to said rented buildings. There was also a massive payment to Namman PLC.

The London Incident

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