The Notes of DI Luke Fleming


Case 1: Suspicious GBH – Golden Dawn: The Rat Man Cometh. Muto the Wonder Dog, Let’s Make Weapons

Case 2: Inexplicable ArsonGLA: From the Ashes, Disrupt the God Realm, Let’s Go Steal A Ballistic Submarine, Let’s Give It Back

Case 3: Smuggling Ring – One Man’s Black Market Antique is Another Man’s Cocaine Money,

Case 4: Internet Issues – Error 404, Relevant Squad Abilities Not Found, WHO’S Your Mommy?!?

Priority Assignments:

Investigate the Hellstorm ClubCOMPLETE

Hunt BorgsteinCOMPLETE


Operation AnarchyCOMPLETE

Take Down Red ThornCOMPLETE

Running the Hellstorm Club

Homeward BoundSURVIVED

Operation God-Botherer – Raguel Squad: The Papists Strike Back
Other Events:

Visit to Volund Tech

Meeting Loki


Character Profiles:

‘Sister’ Thrud ‘December’ Thorsdottir – CO Valhalla Squad, Arse-Kicker-in-Chief, December

Hellstorm Club:
Aaron Ageast – Musical Bomb-disposal, Talos, Released from Custody
C.R. – the Man of a Million Faces, Dead, Still Snarking
Abraham Thaddeus Maxwell – Founder of H-Club, Tank, Staying on an Oil Rig for the Protection of Others
Neil P. Carter – Doctor of SCIENCE, Man of his Time, Staying in Custody for the Protection of Others
Lady Borgstein – Vampire, Traitor?, ex-Nazi, Hand Maiden of Frigga, Always Did Her Duty, Dead
Winch – Engineer Extraordinaire, Friend, Talos, Released from Custody
Giles Edward GIles – Butler, Tea Wizard, Released from Custody
Viscountess Moira WinsgateHead of the Hellstorm Club previous Head of the Hellstorm Club, Relased from Custody, Hopefully On My Side, Strike Team Leader
Detective Inspector Sir Luke Fleming – Head of the Hellstorm Club, Gambler, Note-Taker, Suicidal Idiot, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight of the Round Table
Reggie – Wrestler of the Garm Spaniel, Human Tank
AFO Kirit Patel – Gunwoman with a Point to Prove
Squadron Leader Paul Lowe – Experienced Medic
Sophronia ‘Ronnie’ Kostas – K0nstant1ne
WO Clearance Diver Ginnie O’Nell – Naval Support, ‘borrowed’ from Habb

Department Q:
Mr Everyday – Head of Dept Q, Borgstein didn’t want to go to him about being blackmailed by the GLA ‘due to his marriage’
Mr January
Mr February – Child of the Internet, literally. Head of JCTTF 14 based out of Bletchley Park
Mistress March – Dominatrix, Borgstein believes she’s betraying the British Government to ‘Shadowhand’. Other files seem to confirm this.
Master April
Dr May
General June
Ms July
Mrs August
Sir September – Leader of the Beefeaters, Member of the KoR
Lady October – Borgstein, see above
Mr November – Head of the Department of Infernal Affairs
Sister December – Thorsdottir, see above

Reichmarshal Emmerich
Lord Irons
Graf Orlock – DESTROYED

Other relevant groups:

‘Shadowhand’ – Organisation counter to the British Government. Seem to have links to a large proportion of the problems we’re dealing with. They want to flatten some God Realms. Might have met with Odin a few times.

The Church of the Golden Dawn – seem to have a thing for mutating homeless people by injecting them with deific-adjacent blood. They also do a mean line in soul-restoring honey.

The Goblin Liberation Army – lead byReichsmarshall Emmerich – Nazi sympathiser, terrorist-for-hire, wants to flatten some God Realms, blackmailing Borgstein. Might have met with Odin a few times. Are attempting to steal a ballistic submarine.

The Bad Santas – Borgstein’s anti-Odin Claus squad

Mr Loge – Volund Tech, a Lovely Man

Knights of the Round Table – appear to be a VERY upper-echelon group working to defend Britain. Had some involvement in stopping Kingpin / the London Incident. Also seem to have some authority over Dept Q / H-Club. Means I might get to meet some at some point, if Viscountess Winsgate wasn’t just having fun freaking me out.
I met them. Then the Queen put me in charge of the Hellstorm Club.

Other Info:

The JCTTF Initiative
The Phibes Files
Inventory of Phibes’ Safety Deposit Box
Film Canisters
The Dog Mess
Borgstein’s Diary
Phibes’ Resignation
The London Incident
The Runes
The Notes of Lady Anika Borgstein

The Notes of DI Luke Fleming

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