The Notes of Lady Anika Borgstein

’To my Dearest Inspector Fleming,

If you are reading this either you, or your friends, or the Reichsmarshall, or Odin have caught up with me and killed me.

I have always acted in the greater interests of the Queen.

I do not expect Mercy, you have your Duty as I have mine.

100 years ago I thought I was serving the best interests of Germany supporting the All-Mother and Odin. When I saw clearly that Odin had tricked everyone I did what I thought was right.

I trust your sense of Duty will let you take a source of information at face value, despite the source. This book contains information on the GLA, the Shadowhand and on the plans of the All-Father, on what I expect will occur.

I enjoyed your company, and trust you with some advice:

“Trust your instincts. Do your Duty”

Yours, Lady Anika Borgstein’

Contains illustrated hierarchies of the organisation (Emmerich, eight leaders, four captains each
Sketches of important members
Summary of plans
They are receiving a massive push in funding, some of it from the Shadowhand.
Schedule of meetings: The next one is at our current no. 1 GLA appearance site prediction, and is slated to be a high level meeting of cell leaders from England and Western Europe (though no Emmerich)

Overview of the organisation
Description / sketches of known members
‘Akhenaten’ – original driving force behind the Golden Dawn and Jackal. However, Jackal seems to have gone a bit rogue.

Suspect he has been meeting with the Shadowhand about starting Ragnarok on the sly.
He’s going to try and escape as Santa Claus, so I have assembled a team of other mythic beings to trap him if he does that.
He’s also going to kick-start Ragnarok by using nuclear missiles to create his very own ‘Fimbulvetr’.

The Notes of Lady Anika Borgstein

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