The Paris Incident

The events that occurred on July 3 2013 are still not fully understood but from witness reports that have come in it appears that a tower arose from beneath the earth in the center of Paris raising the Arc de Triomphe 40 feet into the air over the center of Paris at around 1100 local time.

At 1113 local time every television signal on the planet was suddenly hijacked and showed a mysterious masked woman in black stood before the Arc de Triomphe who proclaimed that Paris had been judged and found guilty of the crime of deicide before executing what appeared to be an elderly wheelchair bound man, later identified as Brigadier General Brady Phibes of the British armed forces.

Reports indicate that roughly concurrently with this event the water levels of the Seine suddenly inexplicably rose causing a tidal wave to sweep through the city of Paris, causing an as yet unverified estimated death toll of around 11 million.

While the city was being destroyed the woman in black gave a speech to the world in which she announced that the gods once more had descended upon Paris and that they claimed the entire city as tribute, they threatened repercussions to any attempt to re-take the city or send in relief to rescue any survivors.

The woman in black then appeared to turn into golden light leaving behind as her final words a chilling proclamation, that they were merely the first gods to return to earth, and that in forty days and forty nights time the world would be shaken to it’s foundations.

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Camera phone footage emerged today appearing to show the infamous “Woman in Black” speech from a different angle, apparently shot from the window of one of the rooms in the adjacent Paris branch of the Hilton. The footage clearly shows a group of 10 other individuals standing behind the woman in black.

Shortly after the end of the broadcast portion of the speech another individual appears to arrive at the tower walking on the surface of the water.

This woman then appears to miraculously revive the executed Phibes and the two of them then join the group at the back.

The assembled 12 figures introduce themselves as the new gods of Paris and are then joined by three new figures who appear to give some kind of announcement of legitimacy regarding these claims to godhood. Full transcript of this dialogue is not available at this time.

The Paris Incident

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