The Phibes Files

A cache of classified British intelligence files found in Brady Phibes’ bank vault detailing operations going back as far as WW2.

From the Notes of DI Fleming:
MI13 Files from before, during and after WWII.
Coded messages from operatives, codenames: ‘One Eye’, ‘Sister’, ‘Berserker’, ‘Forewarned’ and ‘Omerta’. (Any link to recovered dog-tags? They don’t seem to match up directly, but worth some further digging.)
Cover Nazi extra-mortal activities.
Frequent reference to ‘The All-Father War’ (? Ask Knight about this.)
Break, then files / reports from 1950s-1990s, written by Phibes.
Cover his time from H-Club operative to leader.
Reports show Phibes initiated a shift away from ‘old boys club’ / awakened Scions recruitment towards ‘deific adjacent’ recruitment in order to keep operatives from being ‘cycled up’ by their divine parents. (Makes sense. Also keeps the ‘final’ authority each operative reports to as Phibes / H-Club)

One of the photos with the files helps provide some potential IDs for operatives.
Shows a pic of the 10 people involved in the MI13 v H-Club 5-a-side football match.
Of note:
December appears with the MI13 team, next to a four-armed Indian lady who is wearing the necklace recovered from Phibes’ safety deposit box.
Next to December is someone who looks like a relation of Captain Wednesday. (Confirmed as Wednesday’s Great Uncle).

On the other side, someone who looks like a relation of Phibes. (Confirmed as Phibes Snr.) and a man with a metal arm who looks like a slightly more battered Thaddeus.

The Phibes Files

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