The Shadowhand

A mysterious shadowy organisation.

From the Notes of DI Fleming:

Borgstein was convinced Mistress March was betraying the British Government to Shadowhand.

Has some link to the more destructive elements of the Golden Dawn and are using their Resurrection powers to create weapons.

Believe the existing Gods have not fulfilled their duty of stewardship to the world. As there is limited space in the world beyond a clean slate and new Gods are required.

I followed up on some Intel from Borgstein, looking into the London Incident.

Target, codename: ‘Kingpin’ had set up to run an Op in London and was being supported by several Shadowhand members as he attempted to replace Prince Charles with an assassin, ‘Das Chameleon’. If he succeeded, he would reward the Shadowhand with control of part of the United Kingdom’s God Realm.

The personnel files included several names, most of which were new:
‘Kingpin’ (Identified by Borgstein as Amleth Oldenburg, from the Danish Royal line)
The former Prime Minister Lester Varrin (DEAD)
Mistress Bianca (Mistress March of Dept Q)
Bogey Man (GLA affiliated)
Porter & Stout (DEAD)
Jackal, Abraham (Legion)
Senor Manana
Senor Ayer
Tiger-Eyes (Possibly? Also affiliated with the GLA. Asia-based?)
Mademoiselle Chagrin (Masked figure who gave speech when Paris fell. Dead?)

While the names are helpful, it just helps illustrate how much more work we have to do.

The Shadowhand

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