Visit to Volund Tech

While sitting in the pub Mikey was approached by a stranger who looked slightly familliar who INSISTED on buying us all drinks and then inviting himself to sit with us.

He introduced himself as Mr Ken Loge of Voland Tech, a military contractor which supplied the British armed forces with pretty much everything. He mentioned he was out celebrating the fact that Voland now supplied all the weapons for British helicopters, a fact which cheered the Captain up no end.

For some reason, Mr Loge offered to hook the us up with an R&D day at Voland Tech to try out some of the fancy toys they were developing, including a powerful new helicopter.


For some reason, we ended p accepting the invitation, though the Prof remained at base meditating on… something.

While there, Mr Loge did indeed show us several interesting toys:

First up was a variable-calibre handgun with an underslung grenade launcher that could pass the Kalashnikov Test (and didn’t make Mikey’s eyes go wide with desire).

The second stop was the bomb range, where they had developed a miracle material bomb suit, which Asha was allowed to test out. The first step was getting into a tight lycra suit and then having this strange silver material almost spray-painted on. (At no point in this process did I take blackmail photos). Asha then tested the suit out against fire, a BB gun and a nail gun, all of which it passed without a problem. A dummy was used for the bullet test, as while anything up to .50 cal was no fatal and the .50 cal itself only drew blood a .50 cal AP tracer was still enough to cause a serious problem.

Finally the Cap was allowed to get her hands on the Hellcat attack helicopter. She threw it through its paces and it exceeded all expectations – it could barrel roll, loop, Immelmann… it failed the stall turn, but only because it wouldn’t stall!

After the fun was over we had a meeting in Mr Loge’s office where he explained he REALLY didn’t want Ragnarok to come about and ruin his life. As such, in order to help us, he decided to gift the unit with two of the variable-calibre pistols and one Hellcat. Wasn’t feasible to hand over a bomb disposal suit, though.

Visit to Volund Tech

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