Claude Raines

The snarky ghost of a recently murdered expert in disguise who goes by many alliases. Currently going by Casper.


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Multiple disguises, though always using an alias with the initials ‘C.R.’.
37 years old.
Perfectionist, always professional, no concept of ‘fun’.
No divine heritage that I can detect.
Crazy-prepared to fight / kill whoever he’s dealing with.
Dislikes godlings due to arrogance, it seems.
Provided several potentially viable reasons for why each and every remaining member of H-Club could / would be a traitor.
Unlikely to be traitor, but suggests we keep suspecting him anyway so…

Now dead, killed by Borgstein.
‘Fortunately’ for us, Casper the Sarcastic Ghost is going to stick around and make sure we do our jobs ‘properly’

Despite Borgstein’s death, it appears Casper may have stuck around.

Claude Raines

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