Dr Neil P. Carter

A leading natural scientist from the turn of the century.


From the notes of DI Fleming:
Well, he’s back from wherever he’s been for the past god-knows how long.
Wearing a grass skirt, for some reason.
Brought a giant teleporting ant with him. May need to have words about that one.

He thought he was going to reappear in 1957, so I think he’s overshot.

Had spent the time since his disappearance ruling over a 4th dimensional colony of giant ants, which lasted until a ziggurat suddenly turned up with a man and his honour guard, who overthrew Carter.

Is a supporter of eugenics, doesn’t quite understand why that sort of thinking is frowned upon.

Also thinks having a ‘World Cracker’ is a good idea.

Might’ve called Asha a ‘negress’. No broken bones reported.

Has a scientific understanding far beyond I’m ever going to manage, which helped when it came to applying 4th dimensional bollocks to my attempts to predict where the GLA would appear next.

He will be remaining in protective custody for the time being. For everyone’s sakes.

Dr Neil P. Carter

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