Mistress March

A member of Department Q


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Pictured in Phibes’ blackmail material – a ‘dominatrix-esque’ woman to high-class people – a ‘life coach’ / ‘therapist’. Seen here with a high-level politician.

According to her diary, Borgstein felt that March was betraying the British Government to ‘Shadowhand’. This has been corroborated by files found with ‘Kingpin’ in relation to the London Incident.

Further research shows that ‘Bianca’, as she is know to the tabloids, appears several times in political scandal stories, and the revelation of her connection to a politician is usually enough to pull the rug from under them in some fashion. I have half a suspicion that the ‘victims’ of the scandal have been deliberately targeted by ‘Bianca’ in order to bring them down for some reason, but I’ve got absolutely nothing to prove it one way or another.

Mistress March

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