A transient teenager who had an extreme reaction to a experimental infusion of giant blood.


A lumbering giant found in an abandoned lab who guards the doors that hold back the mighty Garm Wolf and prevent ragnarok. Accompanied by his mighty faithful hound Maurice he is the world’s last great line of defense against the end times.

(The information in this page is based on the evidence of his own testimony and may not necessarily represent irrefutable fact).


From the notes of DI Fleming:
Maurice appears to be a giant burning rat.
Calls himself ‘Heimdall’, and I’m not going to disagree with an 8-foot tall bone-armoured man with said pet giant burning rat.
Not sure about the ‘Heimdall’ thing, he does bear some resemblance to Mikey, and they had a rather touching father-son hug…
Kicked Muto the Superdog’s arse, letting Valhalla Squad focus on making it explode.
Not sure how well he’s taking the parasite thing though.
Got a ticket to Valhalla from Cap.

Is now recovering (slowly) from his parasitic infestation in quarantine.
The name ‘Reggie’ was found on one of the shoes he was wearing – DNA is being sent off to see if any other ID can be made.

Currently receiving counselling due to the obvious trauma of being turned into a 7ft bone giant. The Captain has offered him employment with Dept Q / H-Club once he has recovered.

Drew some pretty cool pictures of a steam train travelling down the Bifrost. Is looking forward to stomping on monsters with us when he’s better.

Recruited Reggie into the Hellstorm Club to provide a hard-hitting and hella tough warrior to take on whatever gets thrown at us.


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