Reichmarshal Emmerich

A Leader in the GLA.


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Photo shows man in mid-30s, piercing eyes, close-cropped dark hair, aquiline nose. Roughly 6’ tall, broad built. Possibly a scar on the left side of his face?

First shows up around 1950 in files from Dept Q/ MI13

German supremacist + Nazi sympathiser with ties to the occult. Not sure if he was a Nazi party member, though is pictured with High Command.

Probably extra-mortal as he doesn’t appear to have aged.

Seen in Germany / Brazil fund raising / rabble raising.

In 1960s-70s claims responsibility for terrorist attacks in Israel under the KFK (Kobold Freedom Force).

1980s GFK supplied arms to the IRA and Emmerich was spotted in the Republic of Ireland and Boston for meetings

He backs Nationalistic groups in areas where there is a large extra-mortal population where war might disrupt the God Realms

1990s GLA – terrorist with a merc army who will back groups working on a mortal level of groups on an extra-mortal level, but the aim is to destabilise God Realms through chaos.

Since 1996 has dropped off the grid a bit. Got a bit close to being caught during a train bombing in Spain.

Reichmarshal Emmerich

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