"Sister" Thrud 'December' Thorsdottir

The commanding officer of Valhalla Squad.


From the notes of DI Fleming:
Do not mess with her.
Bears a striking resemblance to a WWII Dept. Q operative in a picture found in Phibes’ safety deposit box. Plus the codename ‘Sister’ matches. If she’s been around kicking arse since then, DEFINITELY don’t mess with her.
Confirmed as having served during WWII
Served with Phibes Snr.
When wearing a heavy leather belt and a pair of heavy leather gauntlets, is capable of shattering a rock monster into little bits. For some reason, this doesn’t surprise me.

Identified herself as a member of Dept Q when labelling pictures from Phibes’ blackmail material – her picture shows her beating the gravel out of a rock monster.

Real name Thrud Thorsdottir. She’s Thor’s daughter. Goddess of Strength. I am not actually surprised.

"Sister" Thrud 'December' Thorsdottir

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