Vincetta Triumph

An artist and engineer, usually goes by "Winch".


From the Notes of DI Fleming:
Short, red hair, often an oily boiler suit.
Oversized wrench.
22 years old.
Inventor, always interested in engineering / mechanical oddities at scene.
Of Divine Heritage – no idea from where yet.
Hobbies: Artistic use of engineering – restoring old cars / welding sculptures / creating custom engine parts. Also enjoys drinking and partying. (WHY did you introduce her and Asha?!)
So, she’s a ‘Talos’, mechanical humanoid, same as Ageast. This is good news in as much as he’s been able to repair her from massive chest wound. Not sure a normal human’s have survived it.
Not a traitor.
Think I owe her several drinks for having to ask the questions.
Think she owes me several drinks for nearly getting herself killed.
(Think Asha thinks I owe her a picture of me half-naked doused in whiskey)

Is being released to return to duty as a member of the Hellstorm Club, once she is fit to do so.

(Asha is looking forward to informing her a. who her new boss is and that b. they are not allowed to flirt with each other because of regs)

I’m just hoping she’ll be able to help me get the damn place stable in time for whoever takes up the job on a permanent basis.

Seems I’m the one taking the job on a permanent basis. Oh dear.

Vincetta Triumph

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