JCTTF 28, aka Jade Team, is one of the pantheon specific anti-terrorism task forces assembled in the aftermath of The London Incident representing the Celestial Bureaucracy (with a small number of representatives of other East Asian pantheons).

Known Members:
CO: Gen June
Field Commander: Squadron Leader Julia Lin
Marchioness Xioayu Kazuya
Major Winter Winters
Lie Quan
Jessica Sun Park
PC Charlie Hyung

Current missions:
Some squad members are on secondment to the Chinese government as part of a cultural exchange program to help ease tensions between the British and Chinese god realms.

Assisting with urgent quarantine and disaster relief scenarios reported by other squads.

Investigation of incursions on the sovereignty of the British god realm.

Providing emergency back up and support for other squad operations.

From the Notes of DI Fleming::
They’re sort of a cultural exchange meets Britain kinda helped cause a slight mess when it returned Hong Kong meets we still have interests in that area kinda team. As they don’t have a particular Apocalypse to be dealing with, they’re helping run support for everyone else.


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