JCTTF 77, aka Valhalla Squad, is one of the pantheon specific anti-terrorism task forces assembled in the aftermath of The London Incident representing the Aesir.

CO: Thrud ‘December’ Thorsdottir

Currently active members:

Captain Louisa Wednesday (Army Air Corp)
Corporal Michael Attaway (Ret.) (Rifles)
Inspector Asha Brandt SFO (SO15)
Detective Inspector Sir Luke Fleming, KG, AFO (CI5)
Professor Evan Knight (Norse Studies)

From the Notes of DI Fleming:
This is my particular team of mad bastards particularly competent individuals. Cap’s got lead, Mikey puts bullets through things from ridiculous distances, Asha makes sure things don’t explode if we don’t want them to, Prof’s our walking wiki and I’m there to try and put all the intel together to work out what on earth’s going on.


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